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I'm a middle-of-the-road conservative. I believe in the sanctity of the family and the importance of community involvement. I am not an intellectual but I have a good bit of old fashioned horse sense. I love flying, science, reading, and finding middle ground. I believe that each person is entitled to whatever they can scratch out for themselves in this world and responsible for the maintenance there of.
I love a good laugh, as it's a damn sight better than the alternative. I'd give the shirt off my back to someone that needed it but god help the person who wants to cheat it off me. I think art is as essential as opposable thumbs and children need it as much as they need 2 caring parents. I think that people should speak plainly to each other and avoid "politically correct" talk at all costs because it denigrates out language. I believe that respect, conscience, and responsibility make a man not the anatomy. I am scott/Irish and I DO wear my kilt early and as often as I can. I have red hair and blue eyes and a temper that matches. I believe in loving truly, madly, and completely. I believe in comforting those in need as if they were your own flesh and blood regardless where you find them. Finally, it’s my assertion that you can't sit there and take life too seriously because you're NOT getting out alive.


Reading, music, golf, and anything else I can find to ammuse myself.